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On these pages you will find information about our club,
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AMA Charter Club Number 575

An AMA Gold Leader Club

   Our beautiful flying site is in Valley Forge National Historic Park, located 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia in southeastern Pennsylvania at an elevation of 260 ft above sea level. This is the very same place where George Washington and 12,000 poorly-fed, ill-equipped and weary Continental Army troops spent the very cold winter of 1777-78 after the British occupied Philadelphia.

photo of Valley Forge

photo of Valley Forge
Valley Forge National Park

You can find R/C pilots here any day of the year as long as it's not raining or too windy. The Valley Forge Signal Seekers Radio Controlled Model Airplane Club is one of the largest and also one of the oldest clubs of its kind in the United States. The club was founded in 1959 and presently there are over 200 members. Chartered and insured by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (A.M.A.), the club has a training program where qualified club instructors help novices learn to fly Radio Controlled Models in a safe and proficient manner.

The flying site is level grass, rolled flat every spring and mowed very close on the runway and access areas. The orientation of our 100,000 square foot runway (200 x 500 feet) is such that there is rarely a crosswind. Most of the photos in Radio Control Airplanes were taken there and you can see for yourself what a fine site it is.

Flying hours for fixed wing powered airplanes and helicopters are from 9:00 A.M. to sunset on Monday through Saturday and from 2:00 P.M. until sunset on Sundays. From 9:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. on Sundays you'll see a fine array of R/C Sailplanes


Valley Forge, PA

Source: US Weather Pages

If you're in the Philadelphia area, please stop by our field. Follow these easy directions to the flying site.

Valley Forge Signal Seekers Sponsor Young Pilots

youngster on buddy box During the school year, students from local elementary schools are given some model building instruction by volunteer club members. They build and fly Delta Darts which VFSS provides. Every year in the Spring they are invited to the field for a little exhibition and time on the buddy-boxes with VFSS instructors.

youngster on buddy box The kids themselves raise the money to pay for buses to transport them to the field. It becomes for them a "senior type" of trip as they are 5th graders and next year will be going to Middle Schools. They bring teachers, some parents as chaperones, pack picnic lunches and are also given a brief tour of the park and told it's historical significance. It is generally a real blast for the kids and those of us who have been involved.

Cub Scouts at VFSS The Valley Forge Signal Seekers also invite local cub scout troops to the field for some lessons in aerodynamics, time on the buddy box and a tour of the park.

Would you like to join our club?

First you will need a membership with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). AMA applications are available online at their website,

Then complete the application form for the Valley Forge Signal Seekers and include a photocopy of your AMA membership card. Note that new members must apply in person at one of our regular club meetings which are held at 8:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month (usually, but check the latest newsletter to be sure). Here are the directions to get to the meetings.

Please read our Club Bylaws and Safety Management Guide to familiarize yourself with some of the club rules. The Club Bylaws have information about helping serve the club and how it is organized, and the Field Management Guide outlines your responsibilities to be safe and to avoid conflicts when flying.

New! See what a handsome bunch we are: New!

Here's a page of some of our Pilots with their planes.

Aerial View of Our Field

Aerial photos of field <- Click this thumbnail to see a series of aerial photos taken over our field.

If you click on the thumbnail below, you'll see a photo of some of us:

A whole bunch of us

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Hear Ye! Read our Newsletter Archives

The Valley Forge Signal Seekers publish a monthly newsletter called Hear Ye!.
Here is a searchable index of over 10 years of HearYe Newsletter Archives.

Please visit the Radio Control Airplanes page to see many more photographs of our club members' excellent scale models.

* Click here for the Official VFSS Website

See the photos from our "Vintage Aircraft Day" airshow: Models of airplanes from an earlier era.

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