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StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award's Kids Collecting
OneKey-Guaranteed Error Free/Kid Safe Search Engine
Excite 4 Star Site: Hobbies-Amateur Photography
The Internet Yellow Pages, Third Edition
Magellan 3 Star Site award
First Prize in Zacks Photo Contest, December 1996
Picture of the Times Award 2/1/96- Spotlight of the best photography on the net.
Transcript from FRONTLINE Show #1403 (My page was on national television!)
'Mystic's Award' for quality
New Riders World Wide Web Directory
Webnet WebRating: 4 Star Site
Links2Go Key Resource Award: Hobbies
AOL NetFind 4 Star Site
DeskPicture of the Week
WebSideStory Pick of the Week
Netscape Lifestyles: Hobbies & Recreation: Photography
Netsurfer Science Newsletter
CyberTeddy's People's Choice Top 500 website
See a review of my site that appeared in a newspaper in Chile Photo News
Lycos Review

References to the Photo Gallery:

Mark Twain's Blue Jays
Cambridge in Colour: Photography and Tutorials by Sean T. McHugh
Atmospheric Optics: Etruscan Vase Sunset
Inferior Mirage Sunset
Digital Photography For What It's worth
Universe Today
Journeys in Creative Writing
Finch World
Moon Images
La Lune
BBC Online- Eclipse Webguide
Stormy Mondays - a cool rock'n'soul band.
Circolo Fotografico Desiano
World Internet Directory: Photography
The Mining Co. Guide to Birding
Online Bird Watching
ZIA Birding
Belgian Elektronic Music Site
The Aviary
Outdoor & Travel Photography
Paul Carlisle's Moon Calendar
Betty Gerstner's China Painting Page
The Turkey Vulture Society Related Links
Wildlife and the Great Outdoors Page
Annie's Halloween Page
The Turpentine Moon
The Exotic Species Dilemma- by Wendee Holtcamp
Callie's "The Write Page"
Welcome to Bluejay!
Backyard Birding
Bob Marchand
NetReviews: General/Hobbies/Amateur_Photography/
Bengt's Photo Exhibitions and Archives
U.S. National Wildlife Refuges for the BALD EAGLE
The Raptor Rehabilitation and Release Program
Samuel Keith Riffell's Ornithology Links
The Gallery Hall
Virtual Image Archive: /Nature/Plants
Environmentally Related Art
Wild Bird Crossing
Photo Sites
WWW Pointer Page - Astronomy and Space Science
Manchester Astronomical Society
Bill's World of Photography
SLUMMIT's Photography Links
The Categorical Catapult -- Animal Links
Environmental Organization WebDirectory
Rui Salgueiro - Photo page
Kami's Home Page
t@p spy-cams-bird feeder
The Annotated Wheel
The Origami Menagerie
Cis Schut's Birds Stuff
Some Interesting Links
Photo Boy is in a Fix
Bruno J. Navarro's Photo Sites
Examples of Birds:
Web-Counter Top 1000 Value List
Richard F. Stein's Bookmarks
NetUser Magazine Internet Guide: Space & Astronomy
Examples of Animals
Other bird related links
Everyday WebGuide: Kultur: Konst, grafik och bild: Fotografi
Spyrul 23
The top o' the diversions heap! Well, today, anyway...
Immagini varie della natura
Magnus Oestvall's Bookmarks
Generally Interesting Things
Astronomy Resources
Weltraum & Astronomie im Internet
Nenad Ciric's Bookmarks
Space Sites
Eric Henrich's Home Page
Virtual Image Archive: /Space/Solar-System
Roger Nordahls HEMSIDA
Bruno Navarro's big list of photo web sites
Doreen's Site
Space & Astronomy
Space Link Page
Photographer's Alley Getting Started
Photo Exhibitions and Archives
Alvaro Jaramillo's Links
Personal Photo Pages
Ligas Interesantes
Selene's Home Page
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
Mark A. Martin's Bookmarks
For the Birds!
Jack Siler's Birding Page
JOHN PAUL MOHAN Watcher Of The Skies
Ornithological Resources
Photo Critique
Sun Clock
The Raptor Rehabilitation and Release Program
Shooting the Moon
Christina Maria's Moon Links
Lunar Synergies
Animal Links
Image Surfer index
Eagle Run
Virtual Image Archive: Nature/Animals
The Gateway
The Raving Lunatic
Spirit Lake, Iowa Community Schools Animal Links
Upatsix Aviaries
Look out! Mexico, here we come
Mellie's World
Birds of the Upper Texas Coast
"Snowbirding" with Phil Snow- Alabama Sportscaster of the Year
Chip and Dee's Birding
Pictures & Sounds
Shuttle and Satellite Images
Birding on the World Wide Web
Birding on the WWW
John Kostenko's Photography Links
Images and Sounds of Birds
Cool Bird Photos
Doreen's Page
World Wide Fotoweb Sites
Aaron Knight Photo Art
Pegasus: Hobbies
Craft Shop Boutique
Clyde's Page
Lois Simpson's Home Page
Moon Information and Moon Advice
H. Michael Sefranek, DMD, PC
Fool's Night Out
Astronomy Links
A Fellow Traveler
Moon Information and Moon Advice
Jan Imgrund's Homepage
A Future and a Hope
Alex Figueroa's Amateur Astronomy Website
The Papageien-Page Gallery
Shop of Horrors
My Kentucky Page
La Temple De La Lune
Jan-jaap's Personal Photo Page links
Stereolab Music Site

References to the Radio Control Airplane site:

Sky Rangers Model Flyers
Model Aircraft websites
R/C ¡ŸáÌ ÈËí®¨" Directory"
Frank Severa's "Useful URL's"
Valley Forge
The Fox Den R/C Flight Center
First News: Internet at Home
The Complete R/C Web Directory Index
ZIA Model Airplanes
The International List of Scale Model Related Websites
The Edmonton Radio Control Society
Kim's R/C Airplane HomePage
The Aussie Shed
James Price's RC Homepage
RC-related Links
The R/C Web Directory
RC Websites Index
Places to go R/C!
R. Kyle Schmidt's Bookmarks
Models & Stuff
R/C Models and Model Rocketry
Joe's Internet Page
Crash's Model Aviation Page
Favorite Places
Doug's Model Page
Matt's Radio Control Aviation Page
Daniel Burgin
Hobby Indice
R/C Models and Model Rocketry
Something in a language I don't have the fonts for
The Court Of The Crimson King - Scale Modeling
Maverick's RC Homepage
Siti interessanti
Vit's Remote Control Home Page
BoLINK's Modelling Sites
R/C Hot Links
WoW's Modelling Sites
Ágúst H. Bjarnason
South Jersey Silent Flyers
RC Model Airplanes
Aviation Related Sites
GAMA Favorite Links
IBCNET: Airplanes
The R/C Edge
The R/C Airplane Page
Airplanes and Computers
R/C Flight Unlimited

References to the Stereogram site:

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages
A.J. Saveriano HomePage
Aaron Brown's WWW Page
The homepage of Nicklas Karlsson
CyberSpace Playground
Andrew & Bridget Hansen
Back from the shadows again.
3D Images and stereograms
Bassilichi - Siti stranieri
Scott's Lair
Virtual Image Archive:/Computer
Dee Dee's 3D Stereograms

Yahoo Listings:

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