Eagles, Hawks and Other Raptors

By Michael Myers

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Eagle EagleAmerican Eagle. A lucky find on the eastern shore of Maryland
at the Blackwater National Wildlife Preserve.
Here's a Photoshop-enhanced version of the first picture.
Eagle Eagle Exquisite life-size American Eagle portraits.
These are hi-resolution crops from the above photos.
Eagle Eagle Two more from this series. A little windy up there.
Swallow-Tailed KiteA Swallow-Tailed Kite
Turkey Vulture on sign A Turkey Vulture. A face only a mother could love.
Turkey Vulture Turkey Vulture Turkey Vulture Turkey Vultures in flight.
Turkey Vulture Turkey Vulture A Turkey Vulture on a fencepost
and another posing glamorously in a tree.
Black Vulture Turkey Vulture New! A Black Vulture from the Florida Everglades.
Osprey Osprey Osprey Osprey A young Osprey learning to fly
under his parents' watchful eye.
Osprey in flight An Osprey in flight and staring right at me. Look at those telescope eyes!
Osprey in flight Osprey in flight An Osprey in flight with a fish in his claws!
Osprey Another proud Osprey with his catch.
Osprey family An Osprey family
peregrine falconPeregrine Falcon.
Red-Tailed Hawk Red-Tailed Hawk Red-Tailed HawkA Red-Tailed Hawk or Chickenhawk in flight.
Hawk Hawk Two portraits of a Red-shouldered hawk.
falcon American Kestrel, or Sparrow Hawk- the smallest North American falcon.
Owl Owl Screech Owl

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